On the wrong track

I’m on the wrong track

And I don’t know if I should just keep on walking


Turn around

But maybe,

even though I’m on the wrong track

It will lead me to something new

Something exciting

Something spectacular 

Something I would have never imagined

But do I want to take the risk?

I planned everything

I knew exactly where I wanted to go

Time went so slow years ago

Everything went well

And everything seemed so clear

I had nothing to fear

But all good things come to an end

Everything goes wrong       

Nothing goes as planned

I fail in everything

I wish I could be perfect and make you proud

But no matter how hard I try

I fail

And it never rains but it pours

Life passes me and closed another door

At the moment I am a little lonely

I do not belong anywhere right now

I’m empty and I can’t succeed 

I do not know how to proceed

On some days I can hide from my problems

But they haunt me like a ghost in a haunted house

I don’t know what to do

It’s a vicious circle

I feel like a hamster on a hamster wheel

I’m moving but I’m going nowhere

I can’t get out

I wanna scream and shout


Dear Peter, 

Won’t you come and rescue me?

Rescue me

Rescue me

I’ve been waiting for so long

All those lonely nights

I’ve spent staring at the moon

Dreaming of being far away

Far away

My window is still open

I’m waiting

And hey why don’t you come with me?

I know you’re tired too

Tired of this life

A life that gives no time to live

You only exist

Is that enough for you?

It’s not enough for me

Every day is the same

I do not want to wake up every day from the same annoying sound of my alarm clock

I want to be awakened by the singing of the birds

How sweetly they sing and tell about their journeys

I do not want to spend my whole life at school and then work my whole life dead

What a life

I want to stand by the sea and watch how the waves break on the shore

The wind blows through my hair and the sun kisses my skin

But I do not stand by the sea and do not see how the waves break on the shore

The wind does not blow through my hair and the sun does not kiss my skin either

I’m here

At home 

Trying to do my homework

But I cannot concentrate

I stare at the wall and she stares back at me

A wall that’s just as empty as me

And the clock ticking drives me insane





And time is a thief

Before you know, years have passed

And it’s too late

And Peter is still not here and I guess he’s not coming in the near future

So I got to face reality

I’m still on the wrong track

Am I?

Maybe this is not the wrong track

Maybe the „wrong track“ is exactly the right one

But I don’t know

Maybe the wrong track leads you to the goal

And you know exactly where you want to be

Even if it does not work out as planned at the beginning

Maybe you just have to take the wrong track

And I still believe that every cloud has a silver lining

You just have to believe in it

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